5078ab9075BB-Hollandtex Ltd. is a reputable company operating in the market for second-hand clothing since 2006. We are commercial representation of our parent company BOER GROUP HOLLAND Central and Eastern Europe - the largest company engaged in sorting and selling of second hand clothes in Europe - daily production of about 400 tons.

We focus on:

  • extra - cream quality at prices around 5-7 euro / kg
  • we also offer goods in Class 1 price 2-3 euro / kg .

Products are offered in a variety of packages according to customer requirements.

download a price list

What we offer

Our entire offer can be found in the price list - we offer a really wide range of clothing - goods for adults before children, for babies.
Various items such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, shirts, dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, flat. textiles, carnival. masks and the like.

Seasonal items and discounts

Customer satisfaction is our priority and therefore we try to adapt our offer to your needs.

  • Products can be prepared according to the current season and your requirements.
  • And most importantly - we enable our customers to inspect the goods.
  • For larger purchases, or in the case of regular demand, we offer very attractive discounts - up to 0.50 euro / kg .

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